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Helping hospitals of Honduras

This is a corporate social responsibility campaign, with the purpose of helping through our sales to some hospitals in Honduras, Central America.

Current situation

In March 2020, the first cases of Covid-19 were reported in Honduras. Almost 5 months have passed since that day and approximately 42,685 cases are currently reported, of which 5,694 patients have lost the battle and 2,368 have recovered (data as of August 02, 2020). The scope of this pandemic directly threatens hospitals in Honduras, where doctors have denounced that they are in a “precarious situation” due to the lack of medical equipment, lack of space within hospitals and personnel. Doctors and health personnel have little biosecurity equipment, which forces them to seek other means of protection to continue caring for their patients (example: garbage bags as they have done in other countries).

How can Atutto Cafe help?

Atutto imports and grows its coffee beans in two Departments of Honduras: La Paz and Lempira. So our goal is precisely to help these communities. How? Donating an established percentage ($ 0.20) of product sales to hospitals in this region. These donations can be through biosafety supplies or directly with money.

Who will we help? 

Dennis Roberto Lagos Hospital located in La Virtud Lempira (Honduras).