Atutto Cafe was born to value the work of the honduran coffee grower, who very early in the morning goes to his farm to collect the new crop. "A tuto" is a Honduran word widely used in my country that means "carry it on your shoulder." We merge its meaning with the Italian phrase "a tutto" which means 'everyone', because we want to include all the coffee regions of Central and Latin America to promote their specialty coffee in the US, Mexico and Canada in the near future.
So, Honduras is one of the 5 countries in the world that produces the best arabica coffee, and Atutto Café is a sample of this.
“The cup of excellence winners” three times, the La Paz Region farmers are said to have coffee in their blood! The region is known to produce unique, unbeatable flavours and our coffee from this region certainly delivers.  Slow growing berries create the wonderful sweet and velvety mouth feel. Look out for orange and peach notes when you first try this coffee. La Paz is bright and full of life, you will fall in love with this coffee.
No less good is the taste of coffee grown in Lempira (western Honduras). This coffee is sharp and medium-bodied with floral, citrus and chocolate notes. Harvested at 1,850 meters above sea level, this is an all day coffee!
Copán is sweet-scented coffees with citrus, caramel & chocolate notes, bold and creamy body, lingering and balanced aftertaste, with delicate acidity.
Coming soon we will have special coffees from Ocotepeque, El Paraíso and other regions of Honduras and Central America that will surely make you savor even more a good coffee. 
The taste of our coffee has been so liked that it is currently distributed in more than 12 US states even Puerto Rico. Atutto is toasted locally & packaged in Northumberland, United Kingdom. 
We are proud to bring to your table one of the five best coffees in the world, handcrafted by farmers committed to climate change and the love of their country. Enjoy it with whoever you want!