Coffee regions

Coffee regions

The vast majority of the coffee produced in Honduras comes from mountainous regions of 210 of the 298 municipalities and 15 of the 18 departments of the country, generating more than one million jobs that produce about 38% of the Agricultural GDP.

There are 6 coffee growing regions in Honduras, of which 3 we are promoting in 2021 at Atutto Café. 

Whole regions:

    1. Copan: Copán, Ocotepeque, Parte de Lempira, Cortés y Santa Barbara.
    2. Opalaca: Santa Barbara, Intibucá & Lempira
    3. Montecillos: La Paz, Comayagua, Santa Barbara & Intibuca.
    4. Comayagua: Comayagua, Francisco Morazan. 
    5. El Paraíso: El Paraiso, Choluteca, Olancho.
    6. Agalta: Olancho, Yoro. 

Atutto cafe promotes so far:

  • Copan
  • Opalaca
  • Montecillos

In the future we want to reach other regions: El Paraíso, Agalta and Comayagua. 

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